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Instructions MUST be Followed for Good Results

Camera MUST be on a Stand or Tripod
as Video Must Be Completely Still

NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for photographers who are hit
by a batted or thrown ball, so be careful!
Use one of the following video formats:

Note: Some DV tape has an unusual coating. In most cases these  can be converted at a charge of $19.

As long as it can be viewed in a DVD player, we can import it.

Super 8 mm or Hi 8mm

NOTE: DIGITAL 8 requires
a conversion at $19
VHS or Super VHS

NOTE: Some Video Formats occasionally require a conversion at additional charge

Use a blank tape cartridge with the video sequences
at the beginning of the tape.

The images can be from game video or practice video.
Shoot 10 to 20 swings at the beginning of the video.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING is PREFERRED...Brightest lighting available makes images much easier to work with.
Fluorescent lighting is weakest-it flickers/pulses at 1,200 hertz.

The hitter can be set up if desired during a practice, by using a batting cage or a protective screen that will protect the camera & the photographer from batted ball.

If variable shutter is available, choose the fastest speed possible for the amount of light available.

The hitter can hit regular pitched balls or short toss.

Shoot the video at an angle as you see on the images on the left of this page.

The images on the left of this page show a video well done.

We MUST see the WHOLE SWING including feet, hands, head & BAT TIP during the FULL SWING including BEGINNING, MIDDLE and END OF SWING.


Shoot your video, pay for your video motion analysis online HERE and CONTACT COACH PEAVY by email at smarty1@mindspring.com or call 404-909-8020 to get the address to send your video for a full motion analysis of your athlete.

Your player will receive a CDROM in return in the mail, with contents like HERE: