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Coach Peavy can work with your entire Team, including Coaches

"With a Youth Team, First I Prefer to Teach the Coaches & Parents & Then Work With the Team"

Coach Peavy:
"The worst thing that can happen is teaching two, three or four different hitting systems & approaches & confusing the athlete"

"I prefer to work with the Parents & Coaches first. This gives me the opportunity to expose them to the latest Pro methods. Then, they can assist in teaching their student athlete with consistency of method & technique with a clear understanding of why."

"As well, the mentors come out of our familiarization sessions with a deeper appreciation of the most difficult thing to do in sport.....taking a round bat & hitting a round ball which is moving at up to 100mph...& hitting it squarely".

"When I work with the athletes my job is easier, because the Parents & Coaches become an even better ally for the athlete."

  • Team Instruction varies in form & schedules
  • Team Instruction can often be held Indoors or Out
  • Spring, Summer, Fall OR Winter
  • Ask about our Team Mini Clinic Series & more
  • Great for Spring, Fall, Summer & Travel Teams
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  • or Call Coach Peavy at 404-402-5843
General Information & Instruction Tips

With Team Instruction, Coach Peavy will first teach the latest methods & techniques to the Coaches & Parents....
THEN they become an even more integral part of a teaching alliance with the athlete.

In Team Instruction Coach Peavy will teach Coaches, Parents & Team the necessary drills with clearly defined objectives, to show the entire group his Step by Step Method to Assemble a Pro Swing.